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Home Care Marketing on Facebook

Video Replay: Home Care Caregivers and Home Care Leads- Watch Our 11-30-2016 Update on the Facebook Program!

Home Care Agencies: Need More Caregivers and More Leads? 11/30/2016 LTC Marketing U presentation and updated on progress. Amazing results! Our Facebook program has proven success! Help us reach 10,000 subs :)! Like us on Facebook! We at LTC Marketing University (aka LTC Expert Publications) are senior care and long-term care experts just…

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Video Replay: Can a Home Care Agency Really Generate Leads via Facebook?

2 articles per month – long, 1000 words, quality reading. (minimum)
Include your home care agency’s community outreach and internal news.
5 posts per week to FB,Tw, Li, Pi
1 monthly e-newsletter
Advertise on FB with “Promote My Page” until you have min 1000 likes. Go for 10K.
Put at least 2 videos per month directly on FB. Make them or pay for them.
Weekly contest – simple.
Engage on FB with your local community. Answer questions, watch for people contacting you.
Get links TO your website on other local sites.
DO THIS FOR 6 months to 1 YEAR, and then cut advertising expenses and just do the content. You will ALWAYS need more content.

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Video: Home Care Marketing with Facebook!

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN author of :”Let There Be Leads! The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Home Care Business”, will be discussed “Facebook for Home Care Leads”

Part 3 of 4 takes a look at Using Facebook to increase social signals to your website and increase lead generation.

Home Care Agencies Should Be Using Facebook for Community Outreach, Social Signals, and Generating Leads.

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